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Best Car Insurance Rates for Seniors »

Purchasing insurance as a senior can be depressing – you were used to paying low rates for years, and suddenly there's an increase. However, there are still many things you can do to lower your car insurance rates.

Best Car Insurance Rates for Students »

Unfortunately, being a young driver often means paying the highest car insurance rates. However, there are discounts that young people can take advantage of such as those for good students.

Best Car Insurance Rates

How US Citizens Can Get the Best Car Insurance Rates

These days everyone is trying to save money as best they can. Car insurance rates are an easy place to save because there's so much you can do to lower them! Your goal in purchasing car insurance is to get the most coverage you can for the best price. Here are some ways you can get an awesome deal on your insurance:

Have a good credit history – Your credit report is one thing insurance companies look at when calculating your premium. Statistics have shown that people with poor credit histories are more likely to file an insurance claim than those with better credit. Work on paying down any debt and staying on top of bills to keep your credit history positive.

Use one agency - Many car insurance agencies will provide you with a discount if you have multiple policies through them. You can often get homeowner's, renters, life, and sometimes, even medical through the same company. You can also add multiple cars to the same policy for a similar discount.

Go online to your state's insurance department – Visiting your state's insurance department will get you a listing of all the insurance companies that are licensed in your area, and any areas of expertise they may have. If you are insuring for special types of risk, finding a company that deals with that risk will often get you a better rate.

Loyalty pays - Although your first goal is to find cheap rates, and therefore re-evaluating and comparison-shopping each year is important, you can often save money by being loyal to a company. Some companies give up to a 5% discount on their returning customer's premiums, and this discount sometimes increases each year.

Speak directly with an agent – It might be more convenient to get car insurance rates online, but talking to an agent can sometimes save you money. They can tell you about their calculation process and give you discounts that aren't typically advertised.

You might not be able to control your age or get rid of past traffic violations. However, as you can see, there are plenty of things that are within your control that can help you save money on car insurance. Even if you are lacking in one of these, it is easy enough to make some changes in order to save money in the future.